We offer pasture raised eggs, grass-fed lamb and a variety of fresh vegetables!

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Our small family farm is located on 20 acres at the base of Bow Hill. Our mission is to provide humanely raised, ecologically appropriate products for the local community.

‚ÄčCurrently Available

  • Eggs by the dozen or half dozen.
  • Lamb cuts by the pound, including chops, ground lamb, burger patties, ribs, roasts, shanks, organ meats and bones.
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats sell registered Nigerian Dwarf goats, as well as non-registered Nigerian Dwarf mixes. They make great milkers, and also wonderful pets. Does, bucks and wethers available. Please contact us for a list of available goats.
  • Katahdin Sheep breeding ewes available for purchase.


  • Hens – Our hens are pasture raised, their non-GMO feed contains no corn, soy or wheat.
  • Sheep, Lamb and Goats – Our sheep, lamb and goats are raised on pasture, which we rotate throughout the season. They get plenty of sunshine and lots of room to roam. We do not give them hormones and we do not use routine antibiotics.